Termination Letter

It took me a minute to find Felicia's prophetic word called Termination Letter. We used to post all our prophetic words on Facebook Blog. When Facebook was doing a lot of censoring of people's content, all of our prophetic words got taken down. Fortunately, Holy Spirit forewarned me and I was able to download and save all our blogs before Facebook deleted them.

To read, scroll down to the beginning of the letter below.

Dear Leader in the Body of Christ,

You have not taught my people who I Am, what I Am like, and what I require of them. You yourself do not know my ways. You teach a man-centered message with no repercussions or consequences for practicing sin. You teach a perverted perspective regarding my love and my grace. I Am holy and yet you condone the unholy and profane lifestyles that people under your watch, and you yourself, are living. You think I don't see it, that I don't hear. Yet, I hear all and I see the state of my Body, and I am not pleased with the spots, wrinkles, and blemishes that you have not confronted but have allowed. You have not tended to my flock, you have not protected them or led them in the Way.

Instead, you have misappropriated the position and neglected to fulfill your duties. You have indulged in your sensuality only seeking to satisfy your own appetite. You have abused my people and have scattered some of my sons and daughters. You have not defended the widow or the orphan. You have looked down on the stranger, some of whom were my servants sent to correct you. You refuse to repent. You honor me with your mouth but your heart has been far from me for a long time. You are stiff neck, hardened of heart, and you have a reprobate mindset on doing things that ought not to be done as a leader in My House. Your day of reckoning has come and I will not relent because you did not have compassion on my people when you lied to them, stole from them, manipulated, and abused them. I will return on your head sevenfold you thief.

I know you and even though I was giving you time to repent, you would not. You thought since the verdict against you was not carried out swiftly that you were ok to continue in your wickedness and evil ways. I was given you time to repent, to STOP doing evil, and LEARN to do good. But you would not. Your day of reckoning has come. This is your termination letter effective immediately.

I will remove you publicly since what you have done has been privately, so you thought. I will not relent even if you repent, that time has passed. I require a broken and contrite heart and spirit. You are arrogant and puffed up. Humble yourself and repent and I will spare you your life, but you have lost the position. THE LORD GOD has spoken and it will spoken and it will be accomplished. NO MORE DELAY!